The Night

It was the same dark night, like every other. A part of city was deep asleep. Their busy day was just about to begin, in next few hours. While other part was busy doing their chores as their day had already began. Although it is said that the city never sleeps, there is some unique silence maintained during night. People stay awake, but in their own boundaries, continue to work, chit chat, listen songs, watch movies, eat, drink, make love, robe houses but silently.

As the silence prevailed, in a remote part of city, someone was screeching from bottom of heart, asking for help! A woman in a lonely compartment of a fast moving local train. The train was moving as quick as it could and so were the dirty minds of the two drunk men approaching the woman. Nothing mattered to the fearless beasts. May be the bear wasn’t enough to satisfy their thirst, they wanted more. As the woman started shouting more loudly, one of them pulled out a knife from his pocket to threaten her. She panicked. Tears streamed out of her eyes. All terrible thoughts of her dark future rolled front of her eyes one after other. She thought of fighting back. She pushed one of them with as much force as much she can, but in vain. The one without the knife got closer and held her hand tightly. Next came the one with knife. He brought the knife close to her face, swiftly moved around the her lips.

What is he going to do now??

She shouted even louder. But deep down she knew, no one is around to help her.

The men moved a step ahead and there was “THUD!!” As if someone has just jumped on the roof of the train. For a moment all three of them forgot about the situation and stared at the roof. The woman got back quickly as she had her life, her dignity to be saved. She tried to bit one of them. But the two soon got back their senses and also their cheap, cruel thirst. He pushed her strongly so that she dashed on compartment wall. Again they moved closer to her so that they can trap her in a corner. The guy with knife stayed few steps behind while the other one leaned to kiss her. The women continued to scream. Getting irritated, he slapped her hard, as if he owed her.

The one with knife couldn’t resist more. He made his move too. He smiled wickedly, made a very humiliating face and was about to touch the woman when… when something strong hit him on his back. He was paralyzed for a minute. Before he could turn back to see what it was, the same thing caught his collar, pulled him back and threw him on the other side, just as the lady was pushed few minutes back. He fell on a poll which was for passengers to hold. His partner realized his absence. He turned back to see what was going on. And he was terrified to see the sight. There was… a young lady, probably in her mid 20s, slim but strong, with steady and stubborn looks that can even bring the rocks into pieces. He didn’t even think of approaching her, but she did. Involuntarily, he moved back. Feeling the wall of the compartment behind him, he realized he was into his own trap. A tight punch in stomach and few slaps on his face were enough to make him unconscious.

The poor woman lay there, agape, trying to figure out if it was in her dream or in reality. As soon as the train stopped at next station the savior got down and disappeared to no where. The woman still in the dilemma.


There was a slight knock on door. So slight that a little kid sleeping in the bedroom would definitely not wake up. And so his grandma sleeping beside. The door opened and she entered. Feeling tired, she perched on the nearby sofa. Within few seconds, she thought of something and she got up. Checked the bedroom door. Seeing both of them asleep in their bed, she smiled and went back to relax.


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  1. you are a killer! 🙂


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