Chapter two

To begin with, I want to inform readers that the preceding chapter of this was ‘The Night’. If you haven’t read it or if you wish to read it again, you can find it here – The Night.

“Come in.” The Doctor responded to the knock on the door.
It was her, Lily. She always entered with a broad smile on her face. This cheered up the Doctor.
“Hey! I was waiting for you. You got late today?” He asked.
“Yea… Had some project work in college.”
“Sit for a moment. I will wrap my day.”
She sat in the nearby chair which was usually occupied by patients. Doctor was busy keeping things back in place. Lily always wondered, what was about this guy that he was so different from others? Why she always felt more respect for him every time she met him? For her, every other guy was a monster. A monster incarnating human. She hated all of them. Including her father. She believed her father was a monster who entered her mother’s life and engulfed her, took her away from Lily. She even avoided talking to boys from her college. Because they will eventually grow up to become monsters. So why befriend them?
There was an intern assisting Doctor. He had crush on Lily. He was like, any normal girl would have found him cute and willingly accepted his proposal. But Lily felt he was a cute monster, very pretentious and never gave him a single chance to talk to her.
But Lily never thought of Doctor like this. Not for a single moment.
He was the one who brought her up after her mother died. And it was, when she was just born. Doctor kept her with his mother where she was very well taken care of. Later she was sent to girls hostel for schooling. Then, when she decided to pursue higher studies in Computers, she came back to stay with her granny as there was a good college near her home. She stayed with granny and Michael, another orphan the Doctor had decided to raise. They lived like one strong family. Doctor visited their place on weekends. But Lily preferred to meet him once daily. Tell him all that happened in the day, and night.
“So, how was the day?” Doctor inquired resting in his chair. He was working for 12 hours at stretch. He worked in a hospital in the morning, then at his clinic and later, he went to an ashram for free check up. Many patients would wait for him. They believed he was a very good Doctor.
He must be in his early forties, but still looked very young. And very fresh always.
“It was tiring. Couldn’t get good sleep last night!”
“Ah..! Granny had called. She complained that you slept on sofa watching TV late night.”
And they both laughed together.
“I hope you aren’t hurt.”
“No Doc. I am perfect! There were two drunks troubling a lady. My one punch was more than enough!!”
“Good work!”
“Thank you.” She smiled.
He smiled back and said calmly, “Look dear. I am not saying I am not proud of you or you should stop this. But there is nothing wrong in choosing a normal life. You can do it anytime.”
She nodded quietly.
“But I live that decision with you.”
“I love you for this!” She retorted as if it was obvious that the topic would end like this.
“And I hate myself for this!” he muttered to himself.
They continued to discuss rest of the Lily’s day. And the night was approaching. Lily had wowed she will sleep calmly only when all the monsters are tamed. And she was not going to back off.


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