Wake Up Sid!

It was some 5th time today, that I watched this movie Wake Up Sid! And I am as amazed and gleeful as I was the last time. 🙂

Sid is name of the protagonist and the movie captures a short phase of his life where he actually wakes up in his life! He realizes that he has a life waiting for him to do something!

It’s very short and simple movie. No glamorous heroines, no muscular studs. Just a normal (and cute) college boy and a girl of late twenties wishing to experience her independence. For a quick summary, the guy is like cool dude, son of a rich but hardworking parents wanting him to realise worth of education, money their hard work. While all he does is waste their money through out the time till he finishes his college. And then, there is this girl who comes all over from a different state to Mumbai, to live her dream of being a writer, being independent, doing everything on her own 🙂


The movie is so cute! It talks about every small thing in the life of young people. They enjoy being a kid but at they same time they want people to trust them that they have grown up. They know their parents, that they work hard for them, they love them, they want their better, but they just cant express it. They cannot show their feelings or perhaps they just forget that if we really care we should show it by doing the right things. And when the time comes when they show how much they care, there are all tears, happy tears rolling from everyone’s eyes 🙂

Then there are always our friends. Our buddies. We love them, we hate them, we fight with them, we hit them, we get hit from them and we still love them. There can never be two friends who have same thoughts on every thing and who never had fight. Two real friends are always different and they fight on thousand of reasons. It is just that they accepts their differences and just don’t give a damn to all those fights! They just love each other too much!

The other important thing the movie talks about is – Mumbai. Whoa! I am from Mumbai and I am really proud of it. Just like the hero. Life here might seem to be very busy comparatively. But still people just seem to know how to find joy in it. And to add to it, is the monsoon here! Wow! I just cannot not like them!

Actually, I watch this movie every time when I feel like it’s time to do something new, to forget all bad things happened so far and make a new beginning. Well, and I end up watching the same old movie 😛


The movie is very close to my heart like it is to thousands of others. I just wish that people will continue to come up with such good movies that are worth watching so many times.

Wake Up,
Diana 😀


3 Comments to “Wake Up Sid!”

  1. Watched it three times and hopefully will keep counting!

  2. I’d have watched it more than 10 times, but still ain’t bored. One of my all time favorite this film is.

  3. it’s one of my fav movies and i can watch it anytime 🙂

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