My Mind, Heart And Self

Watching sullenly

Those unforgettable leaves falling

Down the trees, slowly in the wind.


Maybe to say out loud that

I am bothered by your thoughts

And tales, is an act

That needs sheer courage.

But then often I find

My self walking alone down

A snowy path on a winter eve.

And the trees which line up the way,

Bear your memories

In the form of leaves.

As my self walks,

Suddenly out of thin air,

I hear

A voice strange and weird.

It’s my brain.

Crying at the top of its lungs that-

“Romance is a two-way street!”

But even before a wink,

My heart shouts back casually

“But love isn’t! ”

And my self tries to pacify them.


Of course, it never realizes that

To serve both is a paradox.

And of course, it doesn’t succeed.

And so the confusion penetrates

Deep into the pockets of my self

As it walks down the snowy path;

Like a  lean skeleton of…

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3 Comments to “My Mind, Heart And Self”

  1. Thanks Diana for appreciating this post! Really! 🙂 you made my day! 🙂

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