Thank God for best friends

One bright day, when sun rose up as usual, a small little seed grew into sprout. That pretty green spot on the brown-black grass, shone with all its spirit, spreading happiness around. Surrounded by tall, strong trees and some plants, the sprout began its journey of life.

The trees and plants protected it from wild wind, heavy rains, hot sun rays. The sprout was happy and gay, innocent and safe. It enjoyed the breeze, droplets of water and warmth of sun.

Seasons passed. And sprout was growing into plant. It enjoyed its journey so far. But now it wanted something new. It would raise its head to see something beyond. Sometimes it could, sometimes it couldn’t.

One day, just while peeping around, it found two tiny-winy plants, just like itself, wandering around, holding hand in hand, singing songs of joy, stretching a broad smile on their faces. Their sight made our plant smile, unconsciously. It felt even merry.

Then for a while, our little plant looked at its empty hand. And it felt sad, as no one was holding it. The smile disappeared. ‘I want someone to be with me.’ It thought.

And the search began to find some one, one who is like the plant, who liked same things, who enjoyed same breeze, same misty mornings, same hot afternoons. And staying with other plants and trees.

Again, seasons passed. The search went on. Every time it found any new plant, it thought it was the one. It summoned them to its place. Made them stay. Tried best to make them wait. Some did. Some didn’t. It forgot about those who didn’t stay. While those who stayed, didn’t really like those same things. But seasons passed. And that little plant, which was once a sprout, was now a big plant. Tall and strong.

‘No matter if they didn’t stay. No matter if they are different. They are all mine.’ It thought. But the search went on, to find someone perfect. Just alike.

And while seasons were still passing, all of a sudden, there was a storm. A wild, scary storm. The plant as usual looked up at trees. But realized they were oblivious of the storm. They smiled at plant, and the plant smiled back. Torn from inside, it looked away, to hide all tears. To hide all pain.

The storm got stronger. The plant lost all its strength. It stood up but failed. It stood up again and failed again. And finally it gave up. Battered and bruised, it sat at one place. Eyes lowered, head down. It laid there for time, it couldn’t count. It just lay. Hoping for the storm to engulf it. The only possible way to avoid the pain.

When that long, dreadful time had passed, and the storm seemed in no mood to halt, there was a sudden calmness around. The plant that had tightly shut its eyes, peered to see what was going on. And what it saw was of great relief. One of the plants it had brought in to stay stood strongly to protect it from the mighty storm. It was gleefully diverting the blow and asking our plant to stand once again.

Our plant, realizing all its strength, the one it had gained in so many seasons, from the old trees, other plants, and the new plants it had met on its way, tried to stand up. It realized that its savior, the plant which was not same, not alike, was aware of those strengths. It wholeheartedly wanted the plant to regain them and fight the storm on its own.

And so it did. It began to prepare for the battle. While doing so, it realized that there was not just one plant, there were many, all its well wisher. None of them were same, all different. But they knew almost all its good and bad things. They were all willing to help. A season had passed facing the storm. But now there wasn’t any fear. Because it new, there will always be one or the other to help in the calamities. They need not be very same, but just the way they are. And they will always be. No matter how many calamities come in the coming year. 🙂

And finally, the search was over.


9 Comments to “Thank God for best friends”

  1. Oh! I missed this one.
    When you mentioned ‘Then for a while, our little plant looked at its empty hand. And it felt sad, as no one was holding it. The smile disappeared. ‘I want someone to be with me.’ It thought.’ Sometimes we lose our close ones in search of that special person. We nvr realise thr are people who care in deepest of our sorrow and when we realise, that special person is gone nvr to come back. Then thr r friends with all the nonsense and bitching which calms us and helps to move on and hv broader look of things. To put it your words ‘They need not be very same, but just the way they are. And they will always be. No matter how many calamities come in the coming year. 🙂 ‘

  2. This is beautiful, Diana 🙂 Very thoughtful too.

  3. Hi Diana, I’ve nominated you for an award,. pl check the link Wishing you a wonderful year ahead 🙂

  4. Diana i am from name is sherin.look this week since i had no mood for writing blog i thought of exploring others.i somehow ended up here.some girls post pictures,some only write poems,some intellectual things,some even write their private things with their boy friends.Finally i met someone who know how to write.all the things you said are correct and your imagination is beautifull.friends are those who comes and stand by us in a difficult day i want to write about them too.
    i don’t know you like my topics, check-

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