Weekly Writing Challege: Power of Names

“What is in the name?”

Can probably be the best opening line for any essay discussing about names.

I really wonder, what is in the name? Will two people not be friends had they not had the names they have? Or will two people be friends because the names they have? Don’t we often get along with strangers we meet while on a journey without even knowing their names? Or sometimes it just the way others look or speak makes us on their side.

But friends are friends. We ignore everything once we are friends with someone. No matter whether we knew the name before or we figured our later.

I myself keep track of names of people I come across just to know where they belong from. Here, in India, with so many religions, communities, casts, languages, etc name can provide a lot of information about people. For instance a Gujarati will have quite business mind while a south Indian will be more hardworking. A Brahmin will (mostly) not eat non-veg food. But now-a-days, some of them do eat which will get your eyes rolling. So you don’t just know about the God a person preaches or the language he speaks but also his nature, the food he eats just by knowing his name!

People often say– guys with XYZ name are just like that. Good or bad? It depends on their experience. So, if a girl has an ex with same name as a boy who is asking her out, she might probably turn him down furiously, leaving the boy wondering, what wrong he has done. Or if a guy has same name as her favourite celebrity, it might just be a cake walk for him!

There are also people who get impressed by celebrities and name their kids with the same name. For this, they might even go out of their caste, religion etc to give their child a name which can confuse people like me. But that is OK, I think. Although people have their real names we do end up calling them with the name we think suits them the most. I know many friends who have different names in different circles. One in school friends, one in college friends and one at home 🙂 Poor chaps!

A recent incident inclining to power of names can be the one of J K Rowling. After the whole Harry Potter series, she thought she had a lot of burden of expectations. So she decided to write with a different name. The book initially sold some thousand copies. But once it was disclosed that the author is none other but her, it became the best seller. That is the power of name.

There are also people who change their names to get famous or get lucky. We have a whole new stream of science stating the effect of name we are called by.

I don’t think names matter that much. I agree that it is our identity and we may not want it to get spoilt. But it is only after somebody gives it to us. All that matters are our deeds and our name gets famous by itself!

Don’t keep names! 😉


2 Comments to “Weekly Writing Challege: Power of Names”

  1. What’s in a name?
    Exactly what my Mom told me whenever I told her that I want to change my name. I am still debating what should I change my name to. Any suggestions? 😉

    Nice post.

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