Zero to Hero | Day One : Introduce Yourself.

Write the first thing that pops in your head!!

And here I am! In the most unpredictable phase of my life. Had I had to draw a graph showing the changes in my emotions/feelings, it would be full of ups and downs. Just day before yesterday, I was so happy! That too for no reason. And then yesterday, all of sudden in the evening, I started feeling nervous, and today it was like the graph was going down and down. I felt it will be in minus by evening. But then…bang! I saw this on WordPress. Zero to Hero Challenge. The graph is now going to shoot stars πŸ˜€

Just in the morning I told my friend that I am too busy to write anything. But this challenge has filled me with enthusiasm and I am really looking forward to write more, if possible, regularly!

I am going through a weird phase, it is like continuous transformation. Today I am something, tomorrow I am something else. Daily some new experience, new realisation. May be this 20s is just like this. And everybody of my age must be going through same. I remember words from Miley β€˜s song – The Climb –

I may not know it,

But these are the moments,

I am gonna remember most!


May be, tomorrow, when I grow up and see back, I might feel that these were the most happening years of my life. Whatever it is, I am here to share all my feelings and know what you feel. Have you experienced the same?

I am bit confused with my feelings right now, but I hope to get a better vision as I write down my thoughts. πŸ™‚ It was the same reason why I started blogging at first place. Duh… I am at the same place after two years! But that’s OK. I know I have evolved a lot. And there is a lot to come.

Keep evolving and keep smiling

Diana πŸ™‚


4 Comments to “Zero to Hero | Day One : Introduce Yourself.”

  1. Yeah,life is full of ups and downs. Someday your writing will be talk of the town and will make you win a crown.
    Keep writing :D:)

  2. Was Unable to get the essence of this post in first reading. Read again, still confused. Read thrice, spared little thot and thot may be writer is confused. No big deal if I m confused. But yeah this confusing part of lyf brings out the best and one needs to pick up and put ones hardest effort. Remember ‘ Ever tried,ever failed. Try better, fail better’.😊

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