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May 27, 2014

I hate WhatsApp!!

“Technology, a boon or a curse?”

I remember getting this as an essay topic when I was in school. But then, there was probably only TV as a part of technology that affected our lives. Or perhaps computer which children misused to play games.

But today, there are mobile phones, internet, play stations… OMG!

I de-activated my FB account because it really wasted my time. I would think something, post something, and then wait for people to like and comment. 😦

It was so waste. And so stupid.


Now it’s with WhatsApp. And it’s on mobile. So it is with me everywhere I go. I try to cut internet access. But I still cannot control all time.I delete it. And after few days I re-install it. Duh…!

Actually WhatsApp is good. I am not against it. We stay very well connected with all people. For instance, while watching a cricket match, we all cousin comment, chit-chat about the match on WhatsApp. Which is otherwise not possible for sure. I can chat with my distance relatives staying far away, in some other countries. We share photos immediately of any trivial things we are doing.

But then, recently, there was storm on my WhatsApp. We had elections in India. And I am supporting a party that had very or no chances of winning. And of course, it lost. So before and even now, post elections there is lot of debate going on on the topic. And me and some of my cousins, friends get so excited that we really behave weirdly with each other. Mocking, keeping names, telling each other to shut up…what not!

I realized that this will not happen otherwise, without WhatsApp. 

And I really don’t want to fight with anyone. I want to use WhatsApp for a good cause. I hope to find some balance. Till then I am just going to delete it whenever I feel I am doing too much and then install it when I will cool down. What do you feel? Is there a better way out? Please…do tell me!

Don’t fight 😦

May 15, 2014

How (to pretend) to grow up

  1. Believe that you are grown up. I mean convince yourself first.
  2. Do not giggle. (no matter you are a boy or girl)
  3. Don’t over react. Don’t even react.
  4. If you meet anyone just raise your eyebrows to show that you know them. Nothing more. Not even a small Hi!
  5. If anyone tells you how things are pissing them off, just say – its ok dear, that’s life. And wink if required.
  6. If someone does something weird or funny, scold them!
  7. Or you can slightly laugh making them feel that they are not grown up (and how inappropriate their behaviour is..)
  8. You yourself don’t do anything weird. At least not when someone is seeing.
  9. If you are a girl female, and you see a baby, never forget to say – “Oh! How cute!”
  10. If you are a boy male and you see a girl, pretend that you are busy thinking something or doing some really important work or just pretend that you didn’t see her.
  11. Don’t bother to change your WhatsApp status often. Like, change it once in 6 months. Or just put some default status – “Available”  or “Battery about to die”
  12. Even if you bother to change, let it be some confusing very thoughtful saying so that people will have to read it carefully to understand. And those who are not grown up will not understand at all.
  13. Photos should neither be weird nor cute. They should be nice. Nothing more than that. You can give same expression in all photos. No problem!
  14. If somebody is talking about something you know, go ahead, cut them and pour out everything you know as if others didn’t know it before.
  15. If somebody is talking about something you don’t know, fire questions one after the other and tell them some fake negative reasons why you didn’t bother to know about it.
  16. And if you really want to accept that you don’t know anything about it, do it convincingly. That everyone cannot know everything.
  17. Or you can just come up with something other person may not know!
  18. If you have you have to do something you like, make it public. Everyone must know you are doing it.
  19. Let people praise you for that.
  20. If you have to do something you don’t like, tell someone younger to do it.
  21. But never do anything that someone younger tell you to do especially when they don’t like it. They are supposed to learn everything.
  22. Most important of all – always use this phrase – “You are still not matured enough”, of course to younger people.
  23. To older people, you can just cast that look.

And the list can go on…

Seriously people…what’s so much fuss about growing up?? Or even maturity? Don’t grown up people crack stupid jokes? Don’t they really talk stupid sometimes? And sometimes they don’t understand even a simplest thing which even school going kid can easily understand.

Just because they look old, doesn’t make them grown up. And just because someone doesn’t look old doesn’t make them immature.

I am really irritated with so called “grown ups” and all those who think people like me (of my age) are not that matured.

Give us a break. Life is full of serious things but living it your way is more important. And it’s only experience that matters. If an old man has never left his house, he will never know what a rain is. Now that doesn’t make him not grown up. Does it?

Anyway, let me know what you think. Do you think you are grown up? Or do you think people are just pretending to grow up? Or is it that growing up is just a state of mind? 😛
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Grow up if you want,

But stay yourself!