I hate WhatsApp!!

“Technology, a boon or a curse?”

I remember getting this as an essay topic when I was in school. But then, there was probably only TV as a part of technology that affected our lives. Or perhaps computer which children misused to play games.

But today, there are mobile phones, internet, play stations… OMG!

I de-activated my FB account because it really wasted my time. I would think something, post something, and then wait for people to like and comment. 😦

It was so waste. And so stupid.


Now it’s with WhatsApp. And it’s on mobile. So it is with me everywhere I go. I try to cut internet access. But I still cannot control all time.I delete it. And after few days I re-install it. Duh…!

Actually WhatsApp is good. I am not against it. We stay very well connected with all people. For instance, while watching a cricket match, we all cousin comment, chit-chat about the match on WhatsApp. Which is otherwise not possible for sure. I can chat with my distance relatives staying far away, in some other countries. We share photos immediately of any trivial things we are doing.

But then, recently, there was storm on my WhatsApp. We had elections in India. And I am supporting a party that had very or no chances of winning. And of course, it lost. So before and even now, post elections there is lot of debate going on on the topic. And me and some of my cousins, friends get so excited that we really behave weirdly with each other. Mocking, keeping names, telling each other to shut up…what not!

I realized that this will not happen otherwise, without WhatsApp. 

And I really don’t want to fight with anyone. I want to use WhatsApp for a good cause. I hope to find some balance. Till then I am just going to delete it whenever I feel I am doing too much and then install it when I will cool down. What do you feel? Is there a better way out? Please…do tell me!

Don’t fight 😦


12 Comments to “I hate WhatsApp!!”

  1. Yeah I can stand by your point…. recently I left facebook and what’s app . I feel it’s easy that’s why people stay in touch otherwise I barely would think of any friends being in touch…… Yeah u give sometime later when u r comfortable u can get back.

  2. It’s all about how we use the technology. We are obsessed with social apps.. which eats away most of our valuable time. When you want to use it for a good cause.. re-install n manage it.:).

  3. Hey diana,after reading your article. Thought of writing on whatsapp n here it is.

    What an app
    Like a tide.
    Messages slide
    Groups form
    Memories storm
    We Broadcast
    Like an holocaust
    Is a boondaggle:P:D

  4. Can’t say much. I am made of technology.

  5. It’s a double edged sword…this technology…

    Very good write up Diana.

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