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June 4, 2014

Getting Ready For The Big Day – 1 – Restarting Gym

When I checked my schedule, the last day I had attended gym was 9th May. And today, it is 4th June! Oh! Just 1 month’s gap and I have gained so much of calories and fats!! This wont do. I need to lose all these extra stuff and get back in shape. Yes! I should start soon! I should start from today! And oh God I did start it finally!!

People never believe it when I say I do need to gym. “You are already fine!” is what they say. Thanks to my height that I can easily hide my few extra pounds. But I have to be true to myself. I can’t fool my own self. So I know very well that I have to work out on regular basis. But after few days gap and being occupied due to exams it was very difficult to resume it. Then finally, yesterday night, when I was watching a movie, I got so inspired by the actor that I made up my mind to go to gym next morning. And I DID!!!

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