Getting Ready For The Big Day – 1 – Restarting Gym

When I checked my schedule, the last day I had attended gym was 9th May. And today, it is 4th June! Oh! Just 1 month’s gap and I have gained so much of calories and fats!! This wont do. I need to lose all these extra stuff and get back in shape. Yes! I should start soon! I should start from today! And oh God I did start it finally!!

People never believe it when I say I do need to gym. “You are already fine!” is what they say. Thanks to my height that I can easily hide my few extra pounds. But I have to be true to myself. I can’t fool my own self. So I know very well that I have to work out on regular basis. But after few days gap and being occupied due to exams it was very difficult to resume it. Then finally, yesterday night, when I was watching a movie, I got so inspired by the actor that I made up my mind to go to gym next morning. And I DID!!!

So finally I have began my preparation for the BIG DAY! I want everything to be perfect on this day. Which includes being in proper shape.


Now all those who are wondering about what the big day is, I am really confused if I should tell you what it is or leave you wondering. Or I should just go ahead and tell you? No, maybe I should just give you some chance to guess. OK. I will give you a chance. Perhaps,I will reveal in next post. Or perhaps not! πŸ˜‰Β 

Keep wondering,
Keep exercising!


11 Comments to “Getting Ready For The Big Day – 1 – Restarting Gym”

  1. Yeah we should never fool our self!!!, All the best for your day :)…….Recently I too realized I should start exercising, I started to go gym πŸ™‚

  2. Dee, do you want the world to believe you that you gained fats and calories? You going to GYM is okay. But, if you talk about Calories and fats, people like me will come back alive on wordpress just to comment on the post!

    All the best for your GYM. That’s a good sign of discipline! πŸ™‚

  3. Heyy diana,
    Lemme guess… you myt be getting married soon.. so u wanna be perfect a perfect bride on the big day:);):P

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