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March 18, 2014

Weekly Writing Challege: Power of Names

“What is in the name?”

Can probably be the best opening line for any essay discussing about names.

I really wonder, what is in the name? Will two people not be friends had they not had the names they have? Or will two people be friends because the names they have? Don’t we often get along with strangers we meet while on a journey without even knowing their names? Or sometimes it just the way others look or speak makes us on their side.

But friends are friends. We ignore everything once we are friends with someone. No matter whether we knew the name before or we figured our later.

I myself keep track of names of people I come across just to know where they belong from. Here, in India, with so many religions, communities, casts, languages, etc name can provide a lot of information about people. For instance a Gujarati will have quite business mind while a south Indian will be more hardworking. A Brahmin will (mostly) not eat non-veg food. But now-a-days, some of them do eat which will get your eyes rolling. So you don’t just know about the God a person preaches or the language he speaks but also his nature, the food he eats just by knowing his name!

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December 16, 2013

Notebook Vs WordPress – Part 1

I just had a thought that what if I began writing my daily chores in notebook instead of in this blog? And I just got a topic for my post –

Why I should write in a notebook?

  1. I can write anytime I wish to
    All I need to write in a notebook is a book and a pen. So whenever a thought pops up in my mind I can just open my notebook, remove the cap and start writing. It can be anywhere – on the roadside, in the bus, in college during the lecture, in a CCD, anywhere and anytime 🙂
  2. I don’t need to charge anything just a pen in working condition and book with few pages left will do
    The biggest problem I face while using laptop is it is never charged when I need it the most. So using notebook will help me here. I don’t have to stay much prepared. As I said a notebook with some space to pour my thoughts and pen to make that visible is all I need. And just in case there is no pen, I can anytime borrow it from some one around 😛

    Notebook Writing

    Courtesy : Google Images

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October 31, 2013

Wake Up Sid!

It was some 5th time today, that I watched this movie Wake Up Sid! And I am as amazed and gleeful as I was the last time. 🙂

Sid is name of the protagonist and the movie captures a short phase of his life where he actually wakes up in his life! He realizes that he has a life waiting for him to do something!

It’s very short and simple movie. No glamorous heroines, no muscular studs. Just a normal (and cute) college boy and a girl of late twenties wishing to experience her independence. For a quick summary, the guy is like cool dude, son of a rich but hardworking parents wanting him to realise worth of education, money their hard work. While all he does is waste their money through out the time till he finishes his college. And then, there is this girl who comes all over from a different state to Mumbai, to live her dream of being a writer, being independent, doing everything on her own 🙂


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August 13, 2013

Poll it guys!!

Tell me people, what do you think?

Since my latest few posts were on girls and/vs boys, I just felt like asking you people what you feel? I being a girl, I think girls are both physically and mentally stronger than boys. But only because we don’t get much chance to show our physical strength we ourselves underestimate our strength 😦 But that doesn’t makes it a fact, does it?

Now I don’t want to aggravate this discussion. I just wish to know your honest thoughts. And would love read your comments on this topic.

Cast you vote please –

By the way, there is one surprise! I have been thinking of a story and a part of it is ready in my mind. I might post it soon! Wish me luck!

May 28, 2013

Boys, you are too much!

And I mean it in good sense 🙂

It really makes me wonder, how come boys know so many things? I mean, if you are talking about sports, it’s not just one sport. They will know everything about every sport- football, cricket, tennis, biking, swimming, chess. They know it all. They will know who is world champion in which sport, who plays for which team, which team is good , which team is bad, rules of each game, places like stadiums where the game is played, then which stadium is the best one, which team has maximum supporters, which player is gay, which is player is married, to whom, their history, geography, blah blah blah!

 I mean, isn’t that already too much?

 And it is not just sports. They will also know about new technologies  like mobiles, iphones, ipads, tablets, processors, laptops, etc. New cars, new bikes.

 They will know about movies, old ones that were hit in their times as well as the upcoming ones. They are based on which novel or any real incident. About different actors, again their background, current affairs(pun intended :P) Every possible thing one can know.

 They can talk about politics. They will comment on any new law or any new change implemented by government for hours as if they are the ones working on it. They will know everything about who is corrupt, who is not. They will also know any secret motive of a minister behind his move.

 It doesn’t just end here. They will know about different countries, their history/geography (literally), their currencies, their capitals, their stock markets, their financial conditions, what are they famous for, all things like that.

Now I might sound sarcastic, but I not being sarcastic. I am just jealous.
I am here, trying hard to remember things about my close and dear ones, and these people know about the world!

 I feel as if all these things are buried in reins of their brain forever. Whenever any topic is out, they just pull out the remains.  

 Hats off guys!

 Some day, I really wish to figure how they do this.
Till then I will continue to blog 🙂
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May 6, 2013

I need a break!

I don’t know what’s wrong with me these days. I am totally bored of everything. I don’t feel like working in office. And thankfully there isn’t much work load as of now. At home, too, I don’t feel like studying or doing any house old chores. And unlike office, I have my exams coming in just few days. :O And I am not that well prepared. Now I am completely dependent on the last day preparation. I just hope it ends well!!

I feel like taking break from everything. Like staying at home. Do nothing. Without worrying about any pending work or studies. Watch movies, watch cricket matches, cheer for my team, watch how my favourite players talk about their teams in the post match ceremony. Then read books late night. Sleep for long hours. Eat all kind of lazy food – like bread-butter or cheese butter or jam-bread and sauce bread. Then all sorts of Cadburys. Drink juices or milk shakes. Then watch television and get to know new songs, upcoming movies, celebrity updates. Read some newspaper, rave about the politicians, how they are messing with our country and how we are never gonna achieve anything. How we are a complete loser!

I also want to spend some more time online. Be little more social. Write regular posts for my blogs, read other blogs, comment and like other posts, participate in weekly challenges, get some followers for my blog too… I want to start a new blog as well. I want to read online beauty tips, read about food good for our health, watch how-to make up videos on you tube, apply homemade face pack, take care of my hair. Then learn Origami from Jo Nakashima, use my Canon cam to take some awesome snaps and get people’s awed expression.

I so very much want to live life like this! To spend a week doing only these above mentioned things. I want break from my regular routine. Only a small one will also do. May be, maybe I will try to get this break as soon as possible. Or maybe not. I am not sure. But I just realised that I just now finished doing one thing of – writing a new post 😀

I am glad I could do it. Hope to see you soon again. I really hope 🙂


January 25, 2013


Attachment is not when two people chat Day & Night. . . . It’s when someone E- mails you and adds an Image or Data File with it. 😉

I remember reading this message long time back. Funny, isn’t it? Had it been really so easy to define attachment, I wouldn’t have required so many days to post this. While the truth is, I am not yet able to define what it is. I can only describe it, vaguely.

In our day to day life, we get so easily attached to people, things, places etc. And we don’t realize this until we are no more going to follow the same thing. For instance, if you got attached to a person you don’t realize this till a day comes and the person leaves you. If you get attached to a thing and you no more find it at the place you left it. Places… can you easily leave a house where you lived for so long? Have so many memories?

Well, I am not against getting attached. But it hurts so badly if it is not going to continue 😦 .

I always happen to get attached very easily. The silliest thing could be that I often get attached to my desk. And every time I have to change it, I really feel sad to move to new place with new system, new neighbors… I know it is just a corner of a cubicle and all I have to do is concentrate on my work but still…

What I feel is, attachment means getting the habit, getting used to. We get used to stay in company of certain people, used to using things, use to be in particular place. And although they say ‘Change is the only constant thing’ nobody really accepts the Change that easily. So attachment can be more gentle word for ‘getting used to’.

It’s not just about people or things or places. It is even about our day to day habits. Suppose you are working in 2nd shift and all of a sudden you have to work in day shift. So even though you always blamed the 2nd shift, it becomes really difficult to you to work in 1st shift. It’s because you are used to work in 2nd shift and it is difficult for you to work in 1st shift, just till you get used to it 🙂

Am I making it complicated??

Well I will like to sum it up as I realize I am not going anywhere with this. Conclusion is… if you are strong enough to accept new things happily, you will not mind getting attach to any number of things. Because you will always welcome new things. But if you aren’t, then you will always be hurt if you lose things you are attached to. And you will always fear of new things because you fear to lose them.

I think it is getting even more complicated. I should stop here.

A thing to remember is – Only the most adaptable being can survive in this ever changing world. So its up to us, how much to get attach and how much to let go…

Hope you have a nice weekend and get introduced to new things!
With love,

January 12, 2013

Shopping Spree…

There was a time when I hated shopping. I hated wandering from one shop to another. Trying to find something that perfectly matched my requirements. Not just mine but also the one who accompanied me. If it is some thing, like some useful thing then it is still fine. But if they are cloths, there are many factors that together specify our requirements. And things keep on getting complicated.

With every shop you visit, your temper keeps on losing, you get more frustrated, you no more want to shop, your legs ache and still you don’t find anything that is even close to what you want. A disappointing day. But you don’t want that to happen, so you continue to wander no matter what, till you find that something you had in your mind right from the beginning. This was my perception of shopping and so I hated shopping.

But now, things have changed… a lot. I have began to love shopping. 😉


I can just roam from shop to shop, asking the keepers to show me everything they have. In fact at times, there might be nothing in my mind and as I start looking at the various things, I might want to have one. So it is like, the day wont be disappointing because there is actually nothing that I want and I might still end up getting something good… LOL…

I realize now what is shopping all abou! It is actually just a mood swing or a stress releasing therapy, a feel good factor or a way to spend some time with your loved ones or just doing something when you really don’t have anything else to do… or it can obviously be one of the ways to spend your money…

Today, I actually shopped something for no obvious reasons and from nowhere I started feeling good… I don’t know why? And of course… I did visit few shops, tried few cloths which I didn’t even buy 😉 And I bought something else which I wasn’t in my mind at first place… 🙂


It was fun… Spent evening with my Mom… which I always do anyway. This is what made me write this post. I know it is very casual post with nothing much but…
I am sure you will understand… You can also share your shopping experiences… 🙂

Take care,

January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!

So here I am, with my first post of 2013!

First of all, wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! May the year brings lot of joy, happiness, new experiences and help you grow a bit! 🙂

For me, 2012 was too much! I think, I learned too many new things, and all together it was very heavy, till the last day 😛
I am still thinking about all the events that occurred all round the year, and trying to figure out the lesson I should learn from them. Some how I know, that I have learned many new things, I have indeed grown up.

But I don’t want 2013 to be like this. I just want to chill out this year! Lot of pouring has been done already and I am not going to do that again. This is what 2012 taught me. That even after so many things, life can be lived as normal as it was before. As if nothing happened, as if you are grown up and still you can forget it and behave like kids…(although it may take 1 complete year for you to realize this 😉 )


The other things that I have decided to do are – to read more books (in 2012, I read as many books as number of wheels a two-wheeler has 😦 ), watch more movies, do more of Origami, learn new things about fashion, make up, be more bold, more straight forward, gain more knowledge about different things, talk more, talk to new people if possible, write more often, participate once again in weekly photo challenge, study well, clear 2 levels of DELF, and most important of all – clear Management entrance test!

Although some dreams didn’t come true in 2012, I realize that they might come true in 2013 and if at all they don’t, I still have many other dreams that want I to achieve… So no point in crying…

I hope that even in 2013, I continue to have faith in God, belief that there are good people in this world and good things have only good consequences!

May God Bless You All!
~ Diana.

November 21, 2012

Little something to share

Hello friends!

Post Diwali, there is a kind change happening in me, and I am loving it.

It has been long time, when I must have read a good novel with so much of zeal and enthu. Not just this, but I hadn’t even seen a good Hollywood movie in months. And in this week, I did both! I had started reading this novel, “The Immortals of Meluha” long back. Although I found it very interesting, I couldn’t manage to read it properly, continuously. And now I don’t know what has happened to me, I just feel like finishing off the novel! And I know, tomorrow, by this time I will be done.

Also, I saw an Arnold movie, Eraser. I liked it too!

What more? I have started watching Cartoon Network and my new favourite is “The Oggy and the Cockroaches”. I made few origami birds, a butterfly, a hat, a row of lanterns. And now i am thinking of trying out a new thing i.e. Nail art. I don’t know when i will begin with this craze, but I will soon do it, I at least hope so!

Whats new with you all? Do share it! May be that can be the next new thing I will want to try out!!