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July 13, 2014

Getting ready for the big day – 2 Shopping – 1

Well, if you have to get ready for THE BIG DAY then how can you not shop?

So my all aunties and cousins, mom, dad and I went to shopping. In Surat, Gujarat, there is very good cloth market. And because the cloths come directly from factories, they don’t cost more as compare to other places where they also include transport charges in the cost.


So we went there and… ATTACKED!!!

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March 18, 2014

Weekly Writing Challege: Power of Names

“What is in the name?”

Can probably be the best opening line for any essay discussing about names.

I really wonder, what is in the name? Will two people not be friends had they not had the names they have? Or will two people be friends because the names they have? Don’t we often get along with strangers we meet while on a journey without even knowing their names? Or sometimes it just the way others look or speak makes us on their side.

But friends are friends. We ignore everything once we are friends with someone. No matter whether we knew the name before or we figured our later.

I myself keep track of names of people I come across just to know where they belong from. Here, in India, with so many religions, communities, casts, languages, etc name can provide a lot of information about people. For instance a Gujarati will have quite business mind while a south Indian will be more hardworking. A Brahmin will (mostly) not eat non-veg food. But now-a-days, some of them do eat which will get your eyes rolling. So you don’t just know about the God a person preaches or the language he speaks but also his nature, the food he eats just by knowing his name!

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December 19, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge – Community

Here is a nice picture of my People!

Weekly Photo Challenge - Community

My Community!

There can’t be any day better than a day spent with my cousins!!

They are my strength, they are my weakness.
They are my life, they are my happiness.

I may sound little obsessed, but that’s how it is. We meet on every special occasion and we have so many moments to cherish! And still every next time we meet there is some new excitement!

Ah! I wish God will always give us such wonderful moments throughout our lives 🙂

This photo was clicked after we immersed Ganpati Idol in a creek near our home. Every year on Ganpati Festival, we bring Ganpati Idol in our homes and after 2, 5 or 10 days immersed it in water. So it is not just our family here, there are other families too, arrived to say Goodbye to Ganpati Bappa. Bappa is what we call him with love.

So this is how it looks when our entire community get on the floor 😉 for whatever reason it may be!

What does community means to you? Do share!

October 31, 2013

Wake Up Sid!

It was some 5th time today, that I watched this movie Wake Up Sid! And I am as amazed and gleeful as I was the last time. 🙂

Sid is name of the protagonist and the movie captures a short phase of his life where he actually wakes up in his life! He realizes that he has a life waiting for him to do something!

It’s very short and simple movie. No glamorous heroines, no muscular studs. Just a normal (and cute) college boy and a girl of late twenties wishing to experience her independence. For a quick summary, the guy is like cool dude, son of a rich but hardworking parents wanting him to realise worth of education, money their hard work. While all he does is waste their money through out the time till he finishes his college. And then, there is this girl who comes all over from a different state to Mumbai, to live her dream of being a writer, being independent, doing everything on her own 🙂


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September 29, 2013

Chapter two

To begin with, I want to inform readers that the preceding chapter of this was ‘The Night’. If you haven’t read it or if you wish to read it again, you can find it here – The Night.

“Come in.” The Doctor responded to the knock on the door.
It was her, Lily. She always entered with a broad smile on her face. This cheered up the Doctor.
“Hey! I was waiting for you. You got late today?” He asked.
“Yea… Had some project work in college.”
“Sit for a moment. I will wrap my day.”
She sat in the nearby chair which was usually occupied by patients. Doctor was busy keeping things back in place. Lily always wondered, what was about this guy that he was so different from others? Why she always felt more respect for him every time she met him? For her, every other guy was a monster. A monster incarnating human. She hated all of them. Including her father. She believed her father was a monster who entered her mother’s life and engulfed her, took her away from Lily. She even avoided talking to boys from her college. Because they will eventually grow up to become monsters. So why befriend them?
There was an intern assisting Doctor. He had crush on Lily. He was like, any normal girl would have found him cute and willingly accepted his proposal. But Lily felt he was a cute monster, very pretentious and never gave him a single chance to talk to her.
But Lily never thought of Doctor like this. Not for a single moment.

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September 1, 2013

The Night

It was the same dark night, like every other. A part of city was deep asleep. Their busy day was just about to begin, in next few hours. While other part was busy doing their chores as their day had already began. Although it is said that the city never sleeps, there is some unique silence maintained during night. People stay awake, but in their own boundaries, continue to work, chit chat, listen songs, watch movies, eat, drink, make love, robe houses but silently.

As the silence prevailed, in a remote part of city, someone was screeching from bottom of heart, asking for help! A woman in a lonely compartment of a fast moving local train. The train was moving as quick as it could and so were the dirty minds of the two drunk men approaching the woman. Nothing mattered to the fearless beasts. May be the bear wasn’t enough to satisfy their thirst, they wanted more. As the woman started shouting more loudly, one of them pulled out a knife from his pocket to threaten her. She panicked. Tears streamed out of her eyes. All terrible thoughts of her dark future rolled front of her eyes one after other. She thought of fighting back. She pushed one of them with as much force as much she can, but in vain. The one without the knife got closer and held her hand tightly. Next came the one with knife. He brought the knife close to her face, swiftly moved around the her lips.

What is he going to do now??

She shouted even louder. But deep down she knew, no one is around to help her.

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August 13, 2013

Poll it guys!!

Tell me people, what do you think?

Since my latest few posts were on girls and/vs boys, I just felt like asking you people what you feel? I being a girl, I think girls are both physically and mentally stronger than boys. But only because we don’t get much chance to show our physical strength we ourselves underestimate our strength 😦 But that doesn’t makes it a fact, does it?

Now I don’t want to aggravate this discussion. I just wish to know your honest thoughts. And would love read your comments on this topic.

Cast you vote please –

By the way, there is one surprise! I have been thinking of a story and a part of it is ready in my mind. I might post it soon! Wish me luck!

August 7, 2013

Girls… are even more!

This post can be thought as a sequel to my earlier post – Boys, you are too much! Well, when I posted that one, I got lot many comments on it, by boys, saying that they appreciate what I think about them. And they sounded like… they were pleased with themselves XD!!


I do accept that boys are too much. But I strongly believe, that girls are much more. Just in different areas.. 😉
To begin with… they know everything about people they really want to know about. Their birth-dates, their nicknames, their choices, their favorite movies, favorite this- favorite that. Not just about them but also about their families. And this someone need not be someone they talk to… it can be anyone, their fav character from any movie or soaps or fav player or any fictional character like Harry Potter 😛
They will hunt for every single news about them, every single page on internet that talks about them. They can do this for hours and hours, without getting bored. Boys, on the other hand, even tend to forget things about themselves 😛 (or maybe they just pretend as it is an easy way out of any quarrel!)

It is not necessary that the person is someone they care for. It can be even their enemy, ex- boyfriend, ex-best friend or anybody they just hate – for no reason.

Some of the mandatory things girls tend to know about are cloths of both men and women, food, health and hygiene. I will talk about them one by one.
There are variety of cloths around, made of different material, having different names. They are wore on different occasions. Particular tops goes with particular bottom. Certain cloths look good only in particular color. Also, cloths dispose personality of a person. So they can tell you what to wear to suit your personality and vice verse.

Addition to this are accessories. You can’t wear something if you don’t have appropriate accessories. See, that is the reason why the spend so much time in shopping, they need to have everything perfect. After all, only when they look good, you can experience heaven on earth 😛

I will better not go in hairstyling and make up… or else you will get bored!

As it is generally women who handle the kitchen, they are suppose to know things related to food. One thing I have noticed here is girls pick up things, related to cooking, very fast. They don’t have to mug up any recipe. They just see it, remember it and do it. And they have very strong taste buds and smell buds. They can easily tell what ingredients are added in it. Just they have to put on cooking shoes, at least once in their life. Maybe this is something by nature, transferred from mother to daughter. I would like to add in my first point, that they also know favourite cuisines of their people 😀

Have you ever wondered why girls look so beautiful and how they are so slim and trim? Because they are very conscious about their health and hygiene. They know what they are eating, from where they are eating. Well as i mentioned above they know the ingredients of the things they eat. So if they figure out that this food item has something unhealthy for them, they avoid it. While if they think it has something good for health, they will go for it!

Girls are strong, thoughtful, caring, matured. Only little less practical. They tend to think with heart and not brain. Hold on! When I say it like this, I don’t mean that it is their negative point. There are times when brain takes wrong decisions.

I am glad to be girl or rather a woman now 🙂
And I am sure you all are, too, glad to have a beautiful mother, a pretty sister, a loving grandma, a caring wife, a sweet daughter!
If boys are practical girls are generous, thus maintaining the balance of life.

Take care girls! The world is incomplete without us!
See you,

August 1, 2013

Hello People!!

I just don’t get how to start this post. And I don’t want to wait and think what is the appropriate way to do so. I just want to began writing before my minds get into something.

It has been so long since I last wrote something that actually came straight from my brain or heart or wherever it comes from. And I shared it with you all? Seriously, I don’t feel like going and checking the date of my last post. Because I feel like my fingers have had some boosters and they just want to write write and write… I am glad, I want the same thing!

Well, my life has changed. I am over all the sorrows, all the sadness I had when I started this blog. I have made peace with myself. I love life so much! Well I did love it then. But now, it is like, I am ok with the ups and downs as I know there is no way anyone can miss them. They are the things that keep us on our toes, keep life in our life. So I am just glad my life has life.

Now a days, I have enough things to do, things that keep me away from blogging. And I love them as much as I love blogging. Moreover, they are important to make my future. So I have to pay attention to them. But I did always think of my dream of becoming a writer someday. It is just not on priority list right now.

A new thing to mention is, I make my weekly timetable and I follow it successfully! Whoo! I am so pleased with myself!

I have grown up. I have become matured. I have learned to enjoy life J As I do so many things daily, I understand how they are going to turn up in the end. Although I agree that there are many things I am yet to see.

But I haven’t talked about the main point. There are people who get bored because they don’t have anything to read as i stopped writing! LOL! And they keep on asking me why I am not writing!! Guys! I am really thankful to you! Because this is what has brought me back to my baby! Ya this blog my baby 😛 (I know it sounds too much!)

Coincidentally, one of my fellow bloggers wrote a post on writing which has also inspired me to write. So i have decided to add blogging in my timetable and I already have thought of next topics to write about!

So don’t worry, you will have something to read!!

Merci beaucoup!


May 28, 2013

Boys, you are too much!

And I mean it in good sense 🙂

It really makes me wonder, how come boys know so many things? I mean, if you are talking about sports, it’s not just one sport. They will know everything about every sport- football, cricket, tennis, biking, swimming, chess. They know it all. They will know who is world champion in which sport, who plays for which team, which team is good , which team is bad, rules of each game, places like stadiums where the game is played, then which stadium is the best one, which team has maximum supporters, which player is gay, which is player is married, to whom, their history, geography, blah blah blah!

 I mean, isn’t that already too much?

 And it is not just sports. They will also know about new technologies  like mobiles, iphones, ipads, tablets, processors, laptops, etc. New cars, new bikes.

 They will know about movies, old ones that were hit in their times as well as the upcoming ones. They are based on which novel or any real incident. About different actors, again their background, current affairs(pun intended :P) Every possible thing one can know.

 They can talk about politics. They will comment on any new law or any new change implemented by government for hours as if they are the ones working on it. They will know everything about who is corrupt, who is not. They will also know any secret motive of a minister behind his move.

 It doesn’t just end here. They will know about different countries, their history/geography (literally), their currencies, their capitals, their stock markets, their financial conditions, what are they famous for, all things like that.

Now I might sound sarcastic, but I not being sarcastic. I am just jealous.
I am here, trying hard to remember things about my close and dear ones, and these people know about the world!

 I feel as if all these things are buried in reins of their brain forever. Whenever any topic is out, they just pull out the remains.  

 Hats off guys!

 Some day, I really wish to figure how they do this.
Till then I will continue to blog 🙂
You keep reading.