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March 18, 2014

Weekly Writing Challege: Power of Names

“What is in the name?”

Can probably be the best opening line for any essay discussing about names.

I really wonder, what is in the name? Will two people not be friends had they not had the names they have? Or will two people be friends because the names they have? Don’t we often get along with strangers we meet while on a journey without even knowing their names? Or sometimes it just the way others look or speak makes us on their side.

But friends are friends. We ignore everything once we are friends with someone. No matter whether we knew the name before or we figured our later.

I myself keep track of names of people I come across just to know where they belong from. Here, in India, with so many religions, communities, casts, languages, etc name can provide a lot of information about people. For instance a Gujarati will have quite business mind while a south Indian will be more hardworking. A Brahmin will (mostly) not eat non-veg food. But now-a-days, some of them do eat which will get your eyes rolling. So you don’t just know about the God a person preaches or the language he speaks but also his nature, the food he eats just by knowing his name!

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September 1, 2013

The Night

It was the same dark night, like every other. A part of city was deep asleep. Their busy day was just about to begin, in next few hours. While other part was busy doing their chores as their day had already began. Although it is said that the city never sleeps, there is some unique silence maintained during night. People stay awake, but in their own boundaries, continue to work, chit chat, listen songs, watch movies, eat, drink, make love, robe houses but silently.

As the silence prevailed, in a remote part of city, someone was screeching from bottom of heart, asking for help! A woman in a lonely compartment of a fast moving local train. The train was moving as quick as it could and so were the dirty minds of the two drunk men approaching the woman. Nothing mattered to the fearless beasts. May be the bear wasn’t enough to satisfy their thirst, they wanted more. As the woman started shouting more loudly, one of them pulled out a knife from his pocket to threaten her. She panicked. Tears streamed out of her eyes. All terrible thoughts of her dark future rolled front of her eyes one after other. She thought of fighting back. She pushed one of them with as much force as much she can, but in vain. The one without the knife got closer and held her hand tightly. Next came the one with knife. He brought the knife close to her face, swiftly moved around the her lips.

What is he going to do now??

She shouted even louder. But deep down she knew, no one is around to help her.

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August 9, 2013

Weekly Writing Challenge: I remember…

This post is in response to The daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge: I Remember


I remember,

Going to school on the first day,

Waiting for you to come,

And sit next to me.


I remember,

Looking at the class door,

Wondering for new teacher to enter,

Hoping that she is someone kind and gentle.


I remember,

That “it was expected” look,

When teacher would change our places,

Because we talked too much! 🙂


I remember,

The bell ringing for recess,

And we running to either of the place,

To eat our tiffin together,

And complain about our partners!


I remember,

When the day would end,

We would wait at the gate,

Till your uncle arrived to take you.


I remember,

Sharing about every other thing,

Happened in school,

And at home.


I remember,

These things happening,

Every single day of school,

And every year.


But unfortunately,

As I remember,

The last year when we drifted apart,

For some stupid reason.


And I remember,

And will always do,

I lost a best friend of mine,

Who was so sweet and kind 😦


– Diana

September 13, 2012

Weekly Writing Challenge – Stylish Imitation

Since the time I started taking writing seriously, the one blog that has guided me continuously is ‘An Evil Nymph’s blog’. Daphne, you are so creative with your thoughts as well as your writing! I am really impressed! There is so much to learn from you, the way you organize your thoughts, the way you use your words. I love it.

This week’s Writing Challenge has given me an opportunity to tell you how much I am into your blog!

The challenge says – “For this week’s exercise, tell us about a writer whose style most influenced your writing voice.” Let me tell you, I haven’t read any novel for more than 6 months. I have just been reading blogs and blogs. And Evil Nymph’s blog has really influenced my writing 🙂

So here is a post, I am trying to write in the “The Evil Nymph” style. I know I can’t imitate her that perfectly but I am just trying. I hope Daphne will not mind.

(The content is all made up because it is really difficult to guess what an Evil Nymph can think of…)


Why I spend so much time on Internet

All the people around always have this question to ask me, why do I spend so much time on internet with my eyes glued to my laptop screen?

According to me, the answer is simple. Because it fulfills all my needs. Well of course, not the earthy needs like hunger – thirst and so on. But other social needs.

One of my needs is to read. I need to read a lot and there are so many things to read on internet. It can be anything about fashion, sports, latest news, happenings in Hollywood, about famous people or it can be even about dreams, horoscope, destiny, death, after life, ghosts or anything! Then there are of course blogs to read.

It is not just reading but also writing. 🙂 Writing is my passion and it gives me more opportunities to write. Along with the blog, there are various writing competitions like Camp Nano Wrimo, which allows us to check how much we can write. I can always use a note-book or a diary (which I already do) and pen down my thoughts. But it is 20th century; I have to make use of technology as well! :P. Also I need to share my writing. Some people can get impressed and improve their writing too!  XD

Staying connected with friends is other need. I mean the world is all about being socialized. I have to stay updated about my friends at the same time it also helps me to publicize my blog. One more important thing is I get to know about people all around the world. I get to know about different countries, their culture, different people’s thought. It can be really useful sometimes while writing when you have to make your own characters in a fiction story. ^_^

Apart from all this, I can also join various communities that support different causes. In a way internet is helping such communities to achieve their aim of helping more and more needy people.

So now that you know the uses of internet, let us make optimal use of it and also try to spread smile on people’s face!

– An Evil Nymph Fan


The Daily Post also said – “After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

September 5, 2012

Lord of the Rings

“Let us know about the heirloom ring that is passed on from woman to woman in your family, or the house you live in that has belonged to your family for generations. What’s important are the memories and people that these objects symbolize, not what they’re actually used for.”

This is what Erica said in the Weekly Writing Challenge Post.

Well, there is nothing that is passed from generations in our family. But I do have something that my friend gave to me. I call it my lucky charm. It’s the ring below –

When she gave me the ring at very first, on our third friendship day, I told her to change it and get me a blue color ring instead of red. And before she could bring the blue one, I had already realized the worth of this ring. So now, I have both of them. 😉

Whenever she is not with me and I have any important thing happening in my life, I wear the ring. I remember during my training sessions, we had tests and quiz every day. We also had practical exams. It was kind of grueling. And she wasn’t there with me 😦 But no worries. I had the ring. I wore it for 3 long months. My training went perfectly fine and I cleared all exams!

Now, she gave me another thing, a bracelet. I like it very much and do wear it often.

But I still feel, the ‘red ring’ is my lucky charm. It does not matter whether it goes with my dress or not. I am gonna wear it whenever I miss her 🙂

For me, it is power of all her wishes. The power of belief, that there is at least one person in the world who won’t leave my hand in any bad situation… Who will always wish for my good, however bad I may behave at times.

I love you my dear friend! And thanks for such a wonderful, Lucky gift!!

August 12, 2012

Weekly Writing Challenge – From mundane to meaningful

Suddenly, all the mundane things in my life have become very, very important, right from brushing my teeth to my walk to office to traveling two floors in a lift to buying stuffs from the market to talking to neighbors!

But out of all, the best mundane thing award goes to – “we, people in our office going for lunch together, daily”. Actually, the process is so mundane and we have got used to it so much as if it is one of our habits.

Our lunch time is 12:30. The moment the clock hits the time, our messenger starts showing pings, “Lunch?Lunch??”

Few tummies wouldn’t be free owing to heavy breakfast, while a few others crave for food!  Then some are busy with some work and want to finish it off first. While some are bored because they didn’t have any work and think lunch is an opportunity to meet people and get out of ennui.

Then finally, few people get irritated because of the hunger (or the boredom) and decide to go for lunch, they inform others which canteen they will be heading and the others follow later 🙂

There are still more things like a particular person will inform to a particular person. So if either of them is missing the other one should be ready with an explanation. It’s really difficult to manage so many people you know! We are arounf fifteen of us!

Sharing Lunch box is, again, a usual custom. Also remembering someone’s favorite food item and keeping their share without fail is specialty!

After lunch, we chit chat for sometime and get back to work. Those who have work, they work, while others begin to yawn wishing if only they could take some afternoon nap! 🙂