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March 3, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge – Lost in the details

Lost in the details 😛


Actually, I am lost in words!! I remember the time when I kept on reading books just because the story fascinated me.
These days, I also get into the details of their writing, the words used by the writers, the way they express something, go and search every other unknown word in the dictionary. 🙂


One of the reasons for doing this is I myself want to be a good writer and be able to use these words in my writing.
Nothing come easy way 😦
You have to get into the details, spend some time, work hard and only then you can get what you want!


But thankfully, I have started enjoying it! The words seem to like me as well! 🙂
They stay in my mind for longer time and seem to ejaculate more often! I wish to contrive the writer within me!

You too keep blogging!
Have a nice week ahead!

November 21, 2012

Little something to share

Hello friends!

Post Diwali, there is a kind change happening in me, and I am loving it.

It has been long time, when I must have read a good novel with so much of zeal and enthu. Not just this, but I hadn’t even seen a good Hollywood movie in months. And in this week, I did both! I had started reading this novel, “The Immortals of Meluha” long back. Although I found it very interesting, I couldn’t manage to read it properly, continuously. And now I don’t know what has happened to me, I just feel like finishing off the novel! And I know, tomorrow, by this time I will be done.

Also, I saw an Arnold movie, Eraser. I liked it too!

What more? I have started watching Cartoon Network and my new favourite is “The Oggy and the Cockroaches”. I made few origami birds, a butterfly, a hat, a row of lanterns. And now i am thinking of trying out a new thing i.e. Nail art. I don’t know when i will begin with this craze, but I will soon do it, I at least hope so!

Whats new with you all? Do share it! May be that can be the next new thing I will want to try out!!

September 11, 2012

Chaos… Continues

What is this feeling? Why is this loneliness… the emptiness…?

Why am I so dejected, so unhappy with my life? I have everything today. A highly paid job, a position where I always wanted to be, a lavish car I dreamed to have, a proper house of my own to live in. I am settled. Yes, I have everything today. But still, there is no satisfaction. My friends envy me. My parents shower their blessings now and then and keep on telling me how I have paid back their efforts. There is nothing else left to achieve at the moment. But still the void?

May be I know the reason. It is her. It’s been around 4 months she has gone to US. And more than a month we haven’t had a conversation. I miss her. Yes I do, a lot. Although our last conversation didn’t go well, I wish to talk to her again. I want to tell her sorry. Let us forget everything that has happened so far and make a new start to our relationship. I have realized things. I have changed. I understand things better now. May be I can deal with my emotions now. I want to give it a chance. Only if I could tell her this…

In last two years, we had come so close, as friends. She was probably the only person with whom I talked daily. I didn’t share everything with her, but I would just like to spend the time. She on the other hand, told me everything. What her mother said? How her dad reacted? How her sister cried and complained? Yeah… She was always that open to me. She believed in me.

Does she still believe in me? Can we be friends again? Will she tell me everything with same faith? What if she has changed too? If she doesn’t need me anymore, if she has already started search for another guy? What if she has forgotten me? What if I am nowhere in her life?? Then…?

What should I do? Should I approach her or leave it to destiny to decide our future?


For those who are newly following me, I used to write this series, ‘Chaos’ few months back.

My friend blogger Namita had started her series – ‘Mirage, An Incomplete Love story’. It is a story of girl who wishes to have a guy in her life. When I read her few posts in the series, I felt so connected! I felt like I know the gal! And I also know the guy! I then decided to write the guys part 🙂

Today I just felt to append the story. What must be the situation between the two? What they must be thinking after so many months? I just wrote the guys part…

I am wondering what the girl must be thinking?

I hope you feel connected too!