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November 27, 2012

Up above the world so high…

This was the diwali lantern that we had hung in our home…
Wow! Diwali really makes me feel as if I am on the top of the world!

Here are some of the images of crackers… that decorated the sky as every year, although they are not by my camera.[Courtesy – Google images]

Coming down to earth, it is the specialty of Diwali  that we decorate our floors with Rangoli. It is kind of color powder, bit thicker than powder. We spread it on the ground to form different designs or sceneries or any picture of your choice. In short, the ground is the canvas and we fill color in it with Rangoli!

And of course, how can anyone forget lamps?? Its Diwali, that festivals of Lamps!!

It is really amazing how a small little lamp brightens the surrounding…No sad feeling can prevail here!

This post contains too many exclamation marks isn’t it? But that’s absolutely ok, it’s Diwali post!!!!!!

On one of the Diwali days, we also pray to welcome Goddess Laksmi, goddess of wealth. It is a belief that she enters our house in the evening, around 7 pm, not just on Diwali but daily. So it is expected that we stay cheerful, enthusiastic at least at this point of time as we are, when we welcome other guests.

When I thought of this post, I had planned to write about its history like why it is celebrated, how it is celebrated and all that. But now it seems to be getting too long. So maybe, if I feel like, I will continue to write about the festival in next post! A longer Diwali!!

I hope you had Great Diwali and Thank you all for your wishes! All your wishes together have made my Diwali brighter!

~ Diana