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May 11, 2012

A Word A Week

If you exchange a coin, you both will have one coin. But if you exchange a thought, you both will have two thoughts!!

So why don’t we exchange some words and gain the profit?? 🙂

This week’s word is –


As a noun it means a soothsayer, a person who prophesies future events; prophet;

An augur was a Roman official with the job of predicting the future and advising on public policy.

So as a verb, auguring, augurs, augured means to fortell, to observe and interpret signd and omens.

There is a related phrase, ‘Augur well’, which means to predict good things about the future. 🙂

I augur well for some likes and comments on my blog! 😉

Don’t confuse augur with auger which means a drilling device!