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April 16, 2014

Zero to Hero | Day One : Introduce Yourself.

Write the first thing that pops in your head!!

And here I am! In the most unpredictable phase of my life. Had I had to draw a graph showing the changes in my emotions/feelings, it would be full of ups and downs. Just day before yesterday, I was so happy! That too for no reason. And then yesterday, all of sudden in the evening, I started feeling nervous, and today it was like the graph was going down and down. I felt it will be in minus by evening. But then…bang! I saw this on WordPress. Zero to Hero Challenge. The graph is now going to shoot stars πŸ˜€

Just in the morning I told my friend that I am too busy to write anything. But this challenge has filled me with enthusiasm and I am really looking forward to write more, if possible, regularly!

I am going through a weird phase, it is like continuous transformation. Today I am something, tomorrow I am something else. Daily some new experience, new realisation. May be this 20s is just like this. And everybody of my age must be going through same. I remember words from Miley β€˜s song – The Climb –

I may not know it,

But these are the moments,

I am gonna remember most!


May be, tomorrow, when I grow up and see back, I might feel that these were the most happening years of my life. Whatever it is, I am here to share all my feelings and know what you feel. Have you experienced the same?

I am bit confused with my feelings right now, but I hope to get a better vision as I write down my thoughts. πŸ™‚ It was the same reason why I started blogging at first place. Duh… I am at the same place after two years! But that’s OK. I know I have evolved a lot. And there is a lot to come.

Keep evolving and keep smiling

Diana πŸ™‚